Are You Right or Happy?

1002645_750430854975010_433043976_nI think of the conundrum often – since I am a married man. I know I am right. Or so I perceive that I am right and this is the crucible. Perception.

I can still be right in my mind and not have to exert my ego to control the situation and the person. Using my ego would be wrong and thereby discount my rightness. I recall my dad saying, “You can be so right that you are wrong.” True words.

Now, after years of alchemy, also known as marital counseling and mental walkabouts, I choose happy. And happy is a choice. Rather happy is more of a verb.

I write this as we raise our children in a home with different people and different perceptions. Stop being right and start being happy so your children know what joy is like. When you stop you will see that your kids show you everyday what joy is about.

Mysterious polio-like illness affects kids in California

child-polio-californiaDoctors believe they’ve identified as many as 25 California children suffering from a mysterious, polio-like virus capable of paralyzing limbs. The best-case scenario is complete loss of one limb, the worst is all four limbs, with respiratory insufficiency, as well. The median age of those stricken is 12.

Parents should not panic. This is really very rare and is isolated to California. The CDC is watching closely but has not become involved yet.

The question in my mind is why has a rare virus affected these children and not affected adults – if this really is being caused by a virus.

Here are the facts as reported by the media. The cause of most of these cases is not known. Some clinical and laboratory features, such as the pattern of inflammation seen in the spinal cord on MRI, are consistent with a viral process. Samples from two of the children tested positive for enterovirus 68, a rare virus that has been linked to severe respiratory illness in the past.

The medical histories on these children are not available so I cannot look for pre-existing conditions to explain their vulnerabilities.  I can look to common sense though to shed practical light on this situation and to allay fears all parents must be having.

Assuming these were/are healthy children then they developed this condition as a result of a vulnerability to this bug while most people are not and/or they built up toxins that resulted in a neurological condition.

Here are some reasons that could make once susceptible:

1. They had an innate genetic vulnerability; and/or

2. They had a genetic mutation occur as a result of generational toxin exposure from living in a modern world; and/or

3. They had a genetic mutation occur as a result of the radiation from Fukushima melt down; and/or

4. They were unable to detoxify and eliminate these toxins because of genetics; and/or

5. They were unable to detoxify and eliminate these toxins because of poor diets and/or inadequate supplementation; and/or

6. They had a weakened immune system from environmental toxins such as pesticides, poor diet, poor supplementation, Japanese radiation, dysbiosis from previous antibiotic use, among others.

My point here is we live in a toxic soup and our bodies need help to maintain proper and healthy functioning.

  1. Eat organic to limit toxic exposure,
  2. Diet with plenty of phytonutrients to assist mitochondrial, antioxidant and detoxification functions,
  3. Limit carbs, gluten, dairy and animal fats,
  4. Exercise,
  5. Clean out the gut and restore balance of proper probiotics and microbiome since this is the major detox and immune pathway of the body,
  6. Educate yourself on a functional body,
  7. Hydration,
  8. Sleep for 7-9 hours a night with a regular bedtime,
  9. Health relationships and a strong sense of community, and
  10. Good fish oils to protect cell membranes and reduce inflammation.

Unusual illnesses like the one devastating children in California may be the result of our lifestyles, genetics and understanding of the body. Sometimes infections and disease are unavoidable but stack the odds in your favor. Find a doctor that will help you heal by addressing the missteps in biological and physiological functions at their root causes rather than throwing antibiotics and immune suppressants to cover symptoms from occurring.

It is hard to change your food culture, but if you want to keep your family safe then this must be addressed. The idea of eating and living in unhealthy ways because it feels good or because this is your family culture, only to seek a symptom-control approach once the body starts to break down is crazy thinking. Sadly this is the prevailing approach in this country and around the world. Fight your temptations to slothfulness and gluttony. Chronic disease and vulnerability to illness can be largely prevented. You make this decision by the small daily decisions on how you choose to personalize your life.

Toddlers Understand Another Person’s Intentions

wittle_toddler_timsteph_by_batman_defeats_all-d6seyzfToddlers can judge a person’s intention. When one person tries to harm someone else but did not succeed, the youngsters were less likely to help that person at a later time.

But when they observed a person accidentally cause harm to another, they were more willing to help that person.

“It had been thought for a long time that it was at a later age, only around age 5 or 6, that children become conscious of other people’s intentions,” said Amrisha Vaish, one of the study’s authors and a developmental psychologist at the Max Planck Institute. “To help those who help others is actually a very sophisticated ability.”

The research appears in the journal Child Development.

And we all thought their little misbehaviors were innocent….

Giving Thanks

7-Ways-to-Give-Thanks1Yesterday was a wonderful day to pause and give thanks. We all have so much to be thankful for. It seems funny that on a day of rest, thanks and giving we prepare for Black Friday. Ah, the tug-a-war of life…

I am grateful for my wife, children, family, friends and patients. Each day I look forward to see what everyone will teach me and hope I am open to hear the lessons and respond with respect rather than fear. We can all get in our own way through pride, self-absorption and slothfulness.

Living an examined life is hard and many fool themselves into thinking they are wise when, in reality, they are sophomoric.

So I give thanks to all of us who can admit they are the young fools at heart. Each day we get the chance to say thank you, be of service to someone and forgive others. Take these opportunities to grow and be true to yourself by using your talents, self-discipline and optimism.

Don’t forget and end up upside down like Black Friday. Have a wonderful ‘young’ day!