Concierge Medicine



The first concierge medical practice was established in 1996 and this style of medicine has become quite popular since that time. According to the Concierge Medicine Research Collective, the number of adult concierge physicians has grown 900% between 2005 and 2010 to include over 5,000 practitioners and is expected to increase to an estimated 17,000 practitioners. Pediatric concierge medicine started in 2005 and is emerging from its infancy period of development thanks to the wide appeal of adult concierge medicine.


Adult concierge medicine was the initial form of this personal style of medicine and its popularity is still growing. Pediatric concierge is clearly in the innovative stages. Fortunately, the majority of the public and the medical community have already been educated as to its benefits. Many parents and doctors desire to make the change from an over-stressed, high-volume practice controlled by politics and insurance to one that is uniquely efficient, personalized and cost effective. With the right formula, a pediatrician can establish a successful concierge practice.