Giving Thanks

7-Ways-to-Give-Thanks1Yesterday was a wonderful day to pause and give thanks. We all have so much to be thankful for. It seems funny that on a day of rest, thanks and giving we prepare for Black Friday. Ah, the tug-a-war of life…

I am gratefulĀ for my wife, children, family, friends and patients. Each day I look forward to see what everyone will teach me and hope I am open to hear the lessons and respond with respect rather than fear. We can all get in our own way through pride, self-absorption and slothfulness.

Living an examined life is hard and many fool themselves into thinking they are wise when, in reality, they are sophomoric.

So I give thanks to all of us who can admit they are the young fools at heart. Each day we get the chance to say thank you, be of service to someone and forgive others. Take these opportunities to grow and be true to yourself by using your talents, self-discipline and optimism.

Don’t forget and end up upside down like Black Friday. Have a wonderful ‘young’ day!

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