A Healthy Solution


The concierge model of healthcare was originally developed by physicians who were searching for an alternative to the traditional model of government and/or insurance driven health care. Patients are willing to pay out of pocket for quality medical care just as people are willing to pay extra for private school or supplemental insurance.

The development of concierge medical practices and specifically the untapped pediatric niche will steadily grow as a profitable and recession-proof medical model for the foreseeable future. According to a poll conducted in 2009 by Concierge Medicine Today, “59% of all current concierge physicians are doing ‘better’ financially than one-year ago” and “29% indicated ‘no change’.”

While the current healthcare legislation serves the important function of making healthcare affordable for almost all Americans, the current organizational machinery and staffing power limitations make this direct physician-patient arrangement essential.

A subset of patients wants a personal physician who is dependable, available and a leader in the medical community.


Concierge physicians experience an impressive yearly patient renewal rate of 92% according to MD-VIP and Innovative Pediatrics, LLC.

These astounding results are achieved as a result of a practice style that allows physicians to provide unprecedented availability, punctual and unrushed appointment times as well as preventive care education.

These personalized features have led to reductions in hospitalizations by up to 74% for Medicare beneficiaries and up to 61% for those with commercial insurance. Additionally patients under the care of a concierge physician reduce their medication intake by 50% to 95%.

These are impressive leaps to make in health care improvement.

Not only is concierge medicine a profitable, popular and largely recession proof industry, it also is dramatically improving the quality of medical care delivered to its participants.