My children are healthy and only go to the doctor once a year for a physical. Is a concierge pediatrician necessary?

The “annual physical” although beneficial may not be sufficient to provide for a patient’s unpredictable medical care needs. If your child should become ill, the availability of a good pediatrician in the community is limited. Further, families enjoy the convenience of timely service, unhurried appointments and medical advocacy in case of an emergency with a sensible holistic approach. Rather than just a once-a-year snapshot of one’s health status, this practice offers immediate access to superior year-round care whenever needed. Patients joining the practice will receive something of value in return: confidence in the physician; peace of mind that your family will receive an immediate response if your child has a medical concern; and disappearance of the hassles, headaches and delays of the mainstream medical system. This practice offers a level of personal attention unavailable in a conventional primary care practice.

How is 24/7/365 medical care provided?

Thornburg Pediatrics is always available to patients and their families. This is an unprecedented professional commitment made possible only by restricting the number of patients. Parents are thankful when an evening or weekend emergency concern is conveniently addressed by the their pediatricians rather than an emergency department or an urgent care center.

Is Thornburg Pediatrics a substitute for one’s health insurance?

Thornburg Pediatrics is not a substitute for one’s health care insurance. However, a family’s health insurance needs may change once they join the practice. For instance, individuals may financially benefit by converting to a catastrophic health insurance policy, to a health savings account, or to a health reimbursement program. Please discuss which health-care option is right for your family with a trusted financial consultant.

Are telephone calls to the doctor free?

Yes. A physician is available 24/7/365 for your child’s medical needs. Thornburg Pediatrics does not have an answering service so all calls go directly to the physician or to the nurse.

Can my child have a “virtual” medical visit?

Yes. Established patients, when appropriate, can use their digital cameras and smart phone to send photos via the internet or text. Often a diagnosis can be made without a medical visit. This saves families time and money.

Can the membership fee be submitted to an insurance company?

No. The annual fee is for preventive services not covered by insurance companies.

Are membership fees reimbursable if we leave the practice for any reason?

Yes. The practice has an annual retention rate of greater than 95%; patients rarely leave. If someone does leave, then the balance of the membership fee is prorated and refunded.

Is health insurance accepted?

Yes. Insurance is accepted for medical encounters, and the practice participates in most plans. If a patient does not have insurance, the visit will be discounted by 40%.

What if your child gets sick away from home?

Your child’s physician and medical records, including medications, allergies and lab results are available day and night. Excellent consultation services can be provided from afar, by virtue of knowing your family and having immediate access to your electronic medical records.

Is the Annual Fee Tax Deductible?

Possibly. For patients who itemize medical expenses on their tax returns, the annual fee may be deductible. Please check with your trusted financial advisor.

Do you admit patients to the hospital?

Dr. Thornburg and his team coordinate admission at any of the local pediatric hospitals and then serve as a consultant with the admitting hospitalist pediatrician. Hospitalist pediatricians are experts in treating children that are ill-enough to require hospitalization. Research shows that these specialists (vs. a community pediatrician) lower the cost of an admission by an average of $5,500 and decrease the length of stay by 2.6 days (Archives of Pediatric Adolescent Medicine 2008; 162:975-980.)

How do you practice holistic and MD medicine?

Since the pediatrician is always available, the care for your child can change with the progression of the illness. Medicine is not always needed since the body tends toward health and wellness if proper nutrition and a balance lifestyle are achieved. For instance, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that uncomplicated ear infections should be observed for two to three days rather than treated with antibiotics. Sadly the AAP reports that less than 20% of physicians adhere to these guidelines. Instead, they place the child on antibiotics despite much research showing that the body will generally heal itself. A limited practice size allows for proper medical care and an approach tailored to your child’s needs.

How can I find a doctor like you since our family does not live in Naples?

Several families travel from around Florida to become members of the practice.