Toddlers Understand Another Person’s Intentions

wittle_toddler_timsteph_by_batman_defeats_all-d6seyzfToddlers can judge a person’s intention. When one person tries to harm someone else but did not succeed, the youngsters were less likely to help that person at a later time.

But when they observed a person accidentally cause harm to another, they were more willing to help that person.

“It had been thought for a long time that it was at a later age, only around age 5 or 6, that children become conscious of other people’s intentions,” said Amrisha Vaish, one of the study’s authors and a developmental psychologist at the Max Planck Institute. “To help those who help others is actually a very sophisticated ability.”

The research appears in the journal Child Development.

And we all thought their little misbehaviors were innocent….

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