We are born 99% human and die 90% microbiome!

UntitledThe microbiome that live in our gut are responsible, in part, for almost of our basic functions. The micro biome are the bacteria, viruses, parasites, worms and arachaea that we pick up over our life time. We are born 99% human and die 90% micro biome!

The list below shows that the quality of the bacteria living in our gut influences, energy production, metabolism, vitamin production, mood, hormones, detoxification, allergies, chronic illness, and autoimmune disease. Basically if you eat poorly, do not take supplements, lead a stressful life, do not exercise, drink and smoke then you are writing your own prescription to physical and mental disease.

The good news is that this microbiome can be modified by the decisions you make each day. Sometimes you may need help to get on the right direction and to help clean your system of some unwanted hitchhikers. You will feel so wonderful when you do it though. Besides having a healthy microbiome will help prevent disease in your children and grandchildren.

• Nutrient harvest / energy metabolism

• Breakdown of plant polysaccharides (otherwise indigestible)

• Short-chain fatty acid production

• Amine/amino acid production

• Production of peptides and other compounds that act as neurotransmitters

• Production of estrogenic compounds (enterodiol, enterolactone) from lignans

• Vitamin synthesis (e.g. B12, biotin & K)

• Metabolism of environmental chemicals (pharmaceuticals & toxins), especially CYP450 (phase I) enzymes

• Metabolism of steroid hormones

• Biotransformation of conjugated bile acids & xenobiotic glucuronides

• Degradation of dietary oxalates

• Regulation of lipid absorption

• Enhanced barrier function through trophic effects on epithelial tissue

• Initial development of gastrointestinal associated lymphoid tissue (GALT)

• C.R.A.P.: Colonization resistance against pathogens

• Enhancement of local and systemic immune response against pathogens

• Modulation of local and systemic inflammation (balance Th1/Th2/Th17): prevention of allergy & autoimmunity

• Induction of oral tolerance against food and microbial antigens (Treg)

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