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“An old-fashioned approach to modern medicine.”

Welcome to Peace of Mind for you and your child! Where the focus is on Generational Wellness and not just the reduction of clinical symptoms. Founded in 2006 and nationally-acclaimed we are a team of dedicated, knowledgable and trusted parent-medical professionals available to you 24/7/365. We use a time-tested understanding of what parenting and healing are really about, combining osteopathic, allopathic and functional medicine.

Hi, I'm Dr. Brian Thornburg.

As a parent of eight and a board-certified pediatrician since 2000, I specialize in nurturing whole families with practical, real-world advice. My approach aims to develop healthy, thoughtful, and independent children. My experience spans from being a clinical professor at two medical schools, to research at the Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research, advocacy for abused children, and being recognized as one of the most innovative pediatricians by Parents Magazine and featured on ABC World News Tonight.

Together with our dedicated team, we look forward to guiding you on the enriching journey of raising resilient and joyful children.

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Meet the Team

Mary Baron, DNP

My connection to this practice dates back to 2014 when I relocated from Boston with my 4-year-old daughter. Prior to the move, I actively sought local holistic pediatricians, and finding a practitioner who shared my commitment to holistic well-being was a relief.

I spent a considerable amount of time as a student in this office, and it quickly became evident that the approach to patient care here surpassed my previous educational and personal health experiences. Collaborating with parents to strike a balance between ideal aspirations and practical possibilities is something I find immensely fulfilling. I firmly believe in the effectiveness of combining natural and allopathic resources to devise a customized plan that aligns with the unique needs of the child.

Outside of work, my "free" time is devoted to my love for traveling, which currently revolves around attending volleyball tournaments across the U.S. to cheer on my daughter.

Janelle Heaton, R.N.

Janelle, a Colorado native turned Naples resident since 2016, is a dedicated registered nurse with a bachelor's degree in behavioral science and psychology. Her journey began in the emergency department, where she quickly found her passion for pediatric care. With a heart for children, she transitioned to the pediatric ER, accumulating valuable experience over many years. After relocating to Naples, Janelle worked at NCH as a pediatric ER nurse, NICU nurse and certified breast-feeding counselor. In May 2022, she became a valued member of Thornburg Pediatrics. Janelle, alongside her husband of 27 years, Greg, takes pride in their three accomplished children: Emma (25) - Wink News anchor, Jackson (23) - Collier County corrections officer, and Lily (21) - Luxury Travel Specialist.

Marissa Fatica, Administrator

I am a mom of two crazy fun boys and happily married. I have worked with Dr. Thornburg since 2009 and love my job working with parents. Another perk of working is watching a newborn turn into a toddler with a roaring personality then into a school age child with their own outlook on the world.


The James Family

I cannot begin to thank you all enough for everything that you have done for our family. I am absolutely blown away by your generosity and graciousness. Trey and I are so humbled and incredibly grateful for your support and understanding during this time in our lives. This has definitely been a journey the last four years and I’m not sure we could have done it without you all. We feel so blessed to have you as our doctor and on our team. Thank you again for everything. We will be an a better track soon. You have no idea how much we appreciate you and how incredibly grateful we are. Thank you!!!

The Quintero Family

I just wanted to personally thank you on behalf of the whole family for everything you did for us during all these years of service. Thanks to you I was able to learn how to be a great mom!. Every time we came to your office, I left full of knowledge and very happy with our great conversations about Colombia and heathy eating 🙂 Thanks again for everything! We really appreciate everything and we will miss you so much!

The Counts Family

Meg and I feel incredibly fortunate to have you as Lily’s physician. You and your staff create an amazing environment for Lily and we are confident that we have the best medical advice possible. We are blessed. Thank you again.

The Foxhoven Family

Dr. Brian has been gift from God for our family. We have 5 children and our 5th has special needs. The first year of his life I switched doctors twice because the patient/ parent/doctor relationship just was not working, and their offices were unbearable and unhealthy for my special son. Dr. Brian comes to our home for each visit. My son who will be turning 10 in November is enjoying peak health, due to his excellent care. Dr. Brian understands that each child is unique and requires a different, out of the box treatment. Our son has a very rare neurotransmitter issue that less than 40 children in the world have been diagnosed with, thus he doesn’t sync with “norms and charts” but Dr. Thornburg sees way beyond that and looks within the person to really understand them and properly diagnosis and treat them. Another wonderful benefit of the practice is accessabilty to Dr.Brian. He answers the phone at any hour and will come to the ER and manage your child’s care in collaboration with the ER doctors.

Of course all of my children benefit from his excellent care and his focus on nutrition and the whole person. My children rarely get sick and instead live healthy vibrant lives. Thx Dr. Thornburg!

The Andollo Family

Almost three years ago, just before my daughter was born, I met Dr. Thornburg for the first time. He was with a group practice at the time and came highly recommended from our birthing class instructor. As a first time mom, I had many questions and concerns (and still do, as he can attest!). From the very beginning he was thoughtful and caring and put my mind at ease about being a new mom.

When Elena was born, she had a difficult time in the beginning with reflux. Dr. Thornburg was so attentive, treated things at our pace and never made us feel bothersome, no matter how many trips (whether necessary or unnecessary) we made to the office. When we found out he was going out on his own, we did not hesitate to follow. There was no question, as my daughter loves him as well. It was the best decision we have made in caring for our little girl. He has done so much for us; weekend calls, late calls, not to mention the 11:00 pm, 104 degree fever and vomiting call that brought him right to our door without even a hint of annoyance! My daughter now loves going to his office and cannot stop talking about the “chicks” and “goats” (“guts” as she calls them!).

He gives pediatricians something to strive for. He truly puts the “care” in healthcare. He is not only your pediatrician, he is your friend.

The Brockinton Family

My family only gets sick between 7-12 p.m. It’s always a comfort to know that we can call and talk to Dr. Thornburg or Denise anytime and they know who we are and can talk us down from freaking out. The latest call came from worrying about a rash on our daughter. Dr. Thornburg even tried to save us the $$ and time by trying to have us take a picture and text it to him. His expertise in knowing when to bring her in and when to let the problem run its course has been comforting.

On a separate occasion, again after normal business hours, I called Dr. Thornburg and got the answering machine; I left a message and he called me back about 5 minutes later. I think

I’ve called his office over 40 times in the last 2 years, and I had never left a message; as dumb as it sounds, it had never dawned on me that he had one. He or Denise always answer!

Dr. Thornburg has helped us so much raising both of our daughters. His advice on how to handle getting our daughters to sleep through the night has saved us hundreds of hours of sleepless nights!

The Gerry Family

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for attending to Alexandra on Tuesday evening. When she woke with that familiar, yet horrifying bark of the croup virus, I felt a tremendous sense of relief knowing that we had you on our team. As you promised, you were a phone call away… and within minutes, you were at our doorstep.

I wish that every parent could be so fortunate to have such an amazing service – and such a dedicated pediatrician. We battled the first bout of the croup without you. And what a nightmare that was! Frightened and horror stricken, we endured the emergency room without representation, and we felt as though we were at the mercy of the over-worked and over-stressed strangers with rigid protocols.

This time around, and with you by our side, the experience was far more comfortable for all of us. Equipped with a nebulizer and steroids, the “worst” part of the treatment occurred in the comfort of our family room. Alexandra responded more positively this time because the person helping her was someone she already knew and trusted. You evaluated and treated her as an individual, not as a potential liability. And the care you gave was warm and personal. Even the steroid shot was a non-issue for her. I can only imagine if that shot had been given under the bright lights and sterile air of the emergency room. Keeping the stress to a minimum, you quickly and successfully brought the horrible cough under control. I also applaud you for your thoroughness. To rule out the possibility of a life-threatening flu, you recommended a trip to the emergency room for an x-ray. Exercising your privileges at NCH, you stayed with her and got her out of the hospital in record time. She was so proud to tell us the next morning about the pictures taken of her throat! It was as if she enjoyed the hospital experience – a far cry from the last time we were there.

We are grateful and honored to have you in our lives. Thank you for the commitment you make to our children.

The Bass Family

It’s been a little over four weeks since our baby girl had her first appointment with you. And I am still wowed by the experience my family and I were exposed to. If you haven’t been told lately, I will take the time to tell you now…. you are marvelous at what you do as a physician!

James and I walked away from your office feeling a sense of assurance that Arissa (our daughter) will be okay, not because she is without any major health conditions but because of your detailed, thorough, knowledgeable hypothesis wrapped in a thick layer of true compassion for your profession and human kind alike.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our diversified family feel welcome. We look forward to a bright future for our precious little girl, under your watchful eye of course.

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