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Welcome to Thornburg Pediatrics! After raising eight of my own children and practicing since 2003, I’ve learned a few things about pediatric medicine.

My mission is to share the knowledge I’ve gathered and make your job of raising amazing children easier, safer, and simpler. 

My life as a holistic and board-certified pediatrician is devoted to creating what I call “generational wellness.” 

When we build our children’s health properly, it manifests physically, mentally, and emotionally without resorting to synthetic drugs.

For more information visit our blog or contact us so we can discuss how I can help you ensure your family’s health, happiness, and healing.

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Concierge Medicine

I’ve met thousands of children over the years, and not one has enjoyed going to the doctor’s office. They’re stressed, they’re anxious, they’re afraid. This is why I shifted my practice to a concierge model. I’m here to heal, on your terms. 

Traditional Practice

The current state of overcrowded and impersonal practices is abysmal. A typical doctor can only give about seven minutes of exam time to patients. Meanwhile, most practices run significantly behind on appointments. I’m here to change that.

A Healthy Solution

I developed my concierge model because I was searching for an alternative to the traditional model of “Big Pharma” and insurance-driven health care. Providing a truly patient-centric service has been a blessing for me and my patients. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Brian Thornburg

I dreamed of being a doctor since I was a boy. My toys were stethoscopes, reflex hammers, tongue depressors, and any other medical supplies my parents would provide. As I progressed through school, my conviction never wavered–I always knew I was meant to be a doctor.
The deep knowing I had about true healing coming from a combination of mind, body, and spirit was totally missing. In its place were synthetic drugs, a lack of nutrition focus, and a bankrupt system of control–not healing. So I turned my attention away from medicine and to philosophy and business.
The pull to healing wouldn’t leave me alone though–I couldn’t ignore the truth I felt. I went back to school to study medicine.
I graduated feeling great and began practicing. But then another crisis of conscience hit me. The doctors in my practice couldn’t spend more than five minutes with a patient!  So I started my own concierge practice that combined western allopathic medicine with functional healthcare.
I’m available 24/7 to my patients and deliver what you need, when you need it.
To my surprise, this approach has resulted in significant media attention. I was even featured in ABC World News Tonight with David Muir and in Parents Magazine to highlight the improved health benefits and cost savings of my practice.
Does this sound like the medicine you’re seeking? Contact me today to discuss how my practice can serve your family.



There are not many physicians out in the world like yourself who are as compassionate about the health and well-being of the human race the way you are.

The primary care physicians at the hospital I work at are wonderful clinicians, but we have never experienced the kind of attention and treatment given by a physician the way you have. We think you are the best.


I just wanted to personally thank you on behalf of the whole family for everything you did for us during all these years of service. Thanks to you I was able to learn how to be a great mom!. Every time we came to your office, I left full of knowledge and very happy with our great conversations about Colombia and healthy eating 🙂 Thanks again for everything! We really appreciate everything and we will miss you so much!


It was so wonderful and comforting to have such a fine pediatrician for our first child, Gerald Jr. We sincerely appreciate your time, patience and warm hospitality during our visits to your office.  You always made us feel at ease, and everything you suggested in response to our concerns was very helpful!

Thank you so much for this lovely experience! 

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Providing your family with optimal health, care, and support is our mission. Contact us today to discuss your health priorities and see how we can help. 

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